Sunday, 31 January 2016

DA and EFF in secret coalition talks: report

Four political parties, including the DA, and EFF, have held informal discussions ‘to create a united front’ to challenge the ANC in the local government elections later this year, according to the Sunday Times.
These coalition talks were confirmed by leading figures in four opposition parties, with DA spokeswoman Phumzile van Damme telling the Sunday Times that Mmusi Maimane has had “some very informal discussions with other party leaders about [these coalitions]”.

Earlier this week, Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema called on opposition parties to unite with the EFF to break the grip of the ruling party. He told Reuters that Johannesburg and Pretoria could be challenged.“South Africans must shoot warning shots now, through their votes,” Malema told Reuters in an interview. “It is an opportunity now for South Africans to show the ANC that they are tired … that the ANC should begin to take them seriously, ahead of the national elections in 2019.”
The EFF won 6% of the vote in the 2014 general election, while the DA improved to win 22% of the vote. The ANC vote declined to 62%, from 66% in 2009.

According to the Sunday Times, it has been proposed that each opposition party should contest elections separately, with the exact nature of coalitions to be thrashed out in those municipalities where the ANC loses.
However, where a single opposition party attracts more than 50% of the vote, as the DA is expected to do in Cape Town, no coalition will be formed, the Times said.

The full report is in the Sunday Times – 31 January 2016.


Prasa wants a refund for its R2.65 billion train tender flop

It seems South Africa would be stuck in a passenger rail crises for some years to come. The Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa) wants to return the Afro 4000 trains which are unsuitable for local conditions, and get a refund for the R2.65 billion it has already paid for the order.
The Sunday Times reported that Prasa launched court action to “recover from one of South Africa’s biggest ever tender debacles involving billions of rands”.
In July the Afro 4000 trains made headlines after Rapport revealed that the locomotives were unsuitable for South African infastructure as the height of the trains is 4.264m, whereas the national limit was 3.965m.
The problem with Afro 4000 trains continued after one of the locomotives derailed. Prasa officials struggled to establish what went wrong, because the trains only ‘communicated’ in Spanish. Former Prasa CEO Lucky Montana had downplayed the concerns, and tried to convince South Africans that the trains are indeed suitable for the local railway network. Since then Montana and former Prasa’s head of engineering services Daniel Mthimkhulu were fired, and the Hawks have launched a criminal investigation into Mtimkhulu and Montana for corruption.

It also emerged that Mthimkhulu was not a registered engineer, and that the Engineering Council of South Africa (Ecsa) rejected Mtimkhulu’s application to register with it in 2006.


Masturbation can kill you

 Always taking matters into your own hand is not a good idea, if you know what I mean. We're into the 21st century but masturbation is still frowned upon. But did you know that there was a time when it was considered to be extremely abnormal behaviour, evil almost, to make yourself 'happy'. So how did we deal with it? How else? We portrayed it as a taboo! After all, we humans are amazing at that.

Having said all that there are dangers associated with it and some are life threatening. Here is what can happen to you if you addicted to masturbation:

Sexual headaches.

The severity of headaches caused by over masturbation develops in stages. First, at the problematic stage, the sufferer experiences fatigue and a sudden lack of concentration. The severe stage finds him with chronic fatigue and vulnerable to mood swings. The addictive stage manifests itself in the form of insomnia and instances of blurred vision, while the final, severely addictive stage encompasses all of the aforementioned symptoms with swelling headaches with occasional dizziness.

Erotic asphyxiation

Erotic asphyxiation or breath control play is the intentional restriction of oxygen to the brain for the purposes of sexual arousal. This activity of pleasuring yourself could be fatal as it can lead to a sudden pinch of a deadly instant headache or a thrust to your heart.

Based on available evidence, the victims are overwhelmingly—to the tune of about 95%—white and male. But it’s difficult to crunch the real numbers because many of these cases are categorized as suicides by family members who live in a culture where for some reason it’s considered more noble to purposely take your own life than to accidentally die whilst trying to entertain yourself sexually.

Here is a list of 4 people who died from masturbation:

1. 87-year-old man found naked and hanging by his belt.

This is allegedly the oldest victim of masturbation fatality ever reported. He was found hanging by a belt wrapped around his neck in his living room, naked and bound with ropes that crisscrossed his body from his legs up to his chest. Investigators discovered semen on his right hand as well as on the floor. 

2. Man perforates bowel after getting vibrating dildo stuck in his anus. 

At age 50, Londoner Nigel Willis was an unemployed diabetic who lived with his mother. He also apparently enjoyed pleasuring himself while having a vibrating dildo shoved up his crapper. One fateful day late in 2013 he accidentally lodged the vibrator so far up his rectum that he found it impossible to extract. He was also so humiliated by the entire sequence of events that he refused to seek help until five days later, at which point the little buzzing fake penis had already punctured his colon. He spent over a month in the hospital before finally succumbing to “multi-organ failure, sepsis and a perforated bowel.”

3. Woman dies of possible stroke while masturbating with a frozen sausage.
Although the woman’s body was only discovered after it was in a “severely decomposed condition,” it is suspected that her cause of death was a masturbation heart attack while diddling herself with frozen sausages:
A black woman in her early twenties was discovered in a severely decomposed condition. She was found on a bed in her locked apartment where she had resided alone. She was nude and lay face down with a pillow under her abdomen and her buttocks in the air. Her right hand was beneath her, near her vagina. Her face was turned to one side, and a knife was beneath her cheek. On the bed immediately below her vagina lay a long sausage, which in all probability, fell from her vagina after death. On the kitchen counter a package of similar sausages, once frozen, had since thawed.
  4. Woman dies of extreme arousal while masturbating with sex toy.

Nicola Paginton was young, blonde, healthy, vibrant, and seemingly had a bumptious ’n’ bountiful life ahead of her until that catastrophic day in October 2009 when, apparently flicking her bean to some porn video on her laptop, she allegedly croaked due to a “sudden cardiac arrest” from “physical and emotional arousal.”


Money can buy you beauty - Check Nicki Minaj before and after surgery.

Nicki Minaj whose real name is Onika Tanya Maraj was born in Saint James, Trinidad and Tobago on December 8, 1982. Her parents Robert Maraj, a financial executive and part-time gospel singer, and Carol Maraj, are Trinidadians of African heritage, with Robert additionally of Asian Indian heritage.

Nicki Minaj first made her music debut in 2007. In today's world she is a global music superstar who's known for chart topping, infectious pop hits such as Anaconda, The Night Is Still Young, All Eyes On Me, Super Bass, High School etc. Nicki is not just another global music icon. She has million of infatuated male fans at her disposal.

Images of her natural look before she found fame and fortune have shocked many of her fans and had people asking just how possible is it that money can buy you such beauty? Here is how much it would cost you to have her looks:

 * Skin lightening  $1000
 * Nose job         $ 6000
 * Butt implants    $10,000

Here is pictures of Nicki Minaj before and after her surgeries :

Despite the controvesy over her looks. Nicki has not stopped making hits with her latest with boyfriend Meek Mill reaching over 130 million views thus far:



Saturday, 30 January 2016

SA signs an agreement to create jobs

 The Department of Science and Technology and the Offshore Petroleum Association of South Africa have signed an agreement to exploit offshore oil and gas exploration. The SA Marine Research and Exploration Forum are being launched under the Department's Operation Phakisa initiative which has the potential to create one million jobs by 2033. Science and Technology Minister, Naledi Pandor, says the agreement will allow government and the private sector to work closely together.

“We trying to derive greater value in contribution to our economy through the ocean economy and investing in it, and out of that set of initiatives we've identified oil and gas exploration as an important component of the ocean economy,” says Pandor.

Questions should be raised on how viable is the offshore oil economy exploration since the oil price has sunk to its lowest levels since 2004. Executives think it will be years before oil returns to $90 or $100 a barrel. The current oil price stands at $35 a barrel. It should also be questioned on which nations would buy oil since more countries seek to produce oil through fracking.

Many could also point out that the South African government has been discussing the idea of fracking publicly since 2008 but nothing concrete has followed.


United in money - As Gareth Cliff and EFF's Dali Mpofu celebrate

 Fired Idols SA judge represented by EFF's chairperson - advocate Dali Mpofu won a massive lawsuit against M-Net on Friday, just hours before auditions were set to begin.Cliff won his bid to be reinstated as a judge on the show. Judge Caroline Nicholls ruled in his favour in High Court in Johannesburg on Friday.“This is a contractual dispute. The contractual relationship has to be reinstated to what it was. M-Net will pay costs to Gareth Cliff,” Nicholls told a packed court. Cliff smiled as the ruling, which lasted four minutes, was read out.

The Court heard his urgent application to be reinstated earlier this week. Cliff filed the application after being axed from the show for commenting on the controversial Penny Sparrow racism incident. It came as a major surprise to many when it emerged Dali Mpofu would represent Gareth Cliff following his controversial dismissal by M-Net. There was a huge outcry of disapproval whilst dozens also supported Dali Mpofu to represent Cliff arguing his political stance is not affiliated with his career. The EFF is known as a no nonsense anti imperialism black wing whilst Cliff is perceived to be from a privileged minority that the EFF is often at loggerheads with.


Thursday, 28 January 2016

Father faces life sentence for impregnating his daughter 3 times

 A Mpumalanga minibus taxi owner who raped and repeatedly impregnated his daughter since she was 11 is appealing his life sentence.

 The 57-year-old, who may not be named to protect his daughter’s identity, appeared in the Nelspruit Regional Court on Tuesday. In December, Magistrate Vanessa Joubert found him guilty of rape and of assaulting his wife. He was arrested in March 2012, after the girl and her mother escaped from him and broke their silence. The trial was delayed several times for various reasons, including having forensic tests done on three love letters he denied writing to his daughter.

After the family refused to get him a lawyer, he finally agreed to be represented by a Legal Aid lawyer.
The court heard that he raped his biological daughter and impregnated her three times between 2001 and 2003. He forced her to abort the foetuses.Joubert found him guilty based on evidence from the daughter and her mother. She sentenced him to life, plus 15 years imprisonment, and a further three years for assault.

During his appearance on Tuesday, he wore a bright white shirt, light blue jeans, and sported a well-trimmed beard and cap. “Your appeal has been delayed due to the fact that we still have not received the transcripts of the trial,” said Joubert. Last year, three of the courts were flooded when it rained, damaging the recording machines. They could not retrieve some of the transcripts. “Once the process of obtaining the transcripts has been finalised they will then be forwarded to your attorney,” said Joubert.
She postponed the case to February 3.

Source:   appeals-sentence


Eritrea orders men to marry two wives or be jailed

Eritrean men have been asked by the government to marry more than one wife or risk being jailed for life.
This is contained in a statement in Arabic by the Grand Mufti (the highest official of religious law in the country) which scanned copy surfaced on social media sites on Thursday last week.
In the statement, Eritrea called for all men in the country to marry at least two wives and the government assured the men that it would pay for the marriage ceremonies and houses.

 According to the government, the order is because there is an acute shortage of men occasioned by causalities during the civil war with Ethiopia. said the document, which could not be independently verified, warned that any man or woman who opposes the decision “will face a life sentence”.
The document, which is in Arabic, says, “Based on the law of God in polygamy, and given the circumstances which the country is experiencing in terms of men shortage, the Eritrean department of Religious Affairs has decided on the following:
“First that every man shall marry at least two women and the man who refuses to do so shall be subjected to life imprisonment with hard labour.

“The woman who tries to prevent her husband from marrying another wife shall be punished to life imprisonment.” More than 150,000 Eritrean soldiers were killed during the secession war from Ethiopia between 1998 and 2000. At the time Eritrea had about four million people. Eritrea, is a country in the Horn of Africa. With its capital at Asmara, it is bordered by Sudan in the west, Ethiopia in the south, and Djibouti in the southeast. The northeastern and eastern parts of Eritrea have an extensive coastline along the Red Sea, across from Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The nation has a total area of approximately 117,600 km, and includes the Dahlak Archipelago and several of the Hanish Islands. Its name Eritrea is based on the Greek name for the Red Sea, which was first adopted for Italian Eritrea in 1890.
The country ranks that worst (189 out of 189) on the World Bank’s ease-of-doing-business index.


Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Thousands march for jobs in the city centre

 There was a hive of activity at the Westgate Transport Hub in Johannesburg on Wednesday morning, where about 5000 people gathered for the DA’s march for jobs. Most of the people were bused in from various parts of the country, while others came in private cars. More than 40 buses were parked in the open field near the station at about 11am. The flow of traffic was delayed on Anderson Street as more people and vehicles were moving into the venue.

DA leader Mmusi Maimane was expected to lead the march to Sauer Street in the inner city, according to Gauteng DA media offcer Tiaan Kotze. “We are expecting about 20 000 people to come and take part in this march,” he said.Among the DA leaders who were already at the venue at 10am was Gauteng party leader John Moodey and his Eastern Cape counterpart, Athol Trollip.
Trollip said: “People will see today that the DA can create jobs because the government has failed to do so” said Trollip. Many young people were in high spirits and dancing to the sounds of music blaring from speakers on stage.

Mmathapelo Maseko, from Thokoza on the East Rand, said she hoped the march would make the ANC-led government realise that unemployment was a serious problem in this country.
“It’s difficult for me to get a job even though I have qualifications and experience in office administration,” she said.

“I hope my participation in this march will open job opportunities for me.”
A female DA member was taken to hospital after she collapsed for unknown reasons during a march for jobs on Marshall Street.


Complaints raised over virginity bursaries

UThukela Municipality Mayor Dudu Mazibuko says the practice of virginity testing has existed in the Zulu culture for decades, and therefore its Maidens Bursary programme is acceptable. Mazibuko has defended the controversial bursary which provides funding for young women on the condition that they undergo regular virginity testing. It’s been reported that 16 young South African women are currently beneficiaries of the programme.

“This is part of our contribution in fighting HIV and AIDS and also in encouraging education,” continued Mazibuko. “When they get into high school that is when they start to be sexually active and they end up with HIV and AIDS and unwanted pregnancies.” South Africa has the largest population living with HIV/AIDS, some 6.8 million people, or 19 percent of adults, according to the United Nations (UN) Programme on HIV/AIDS.

 Since the story broke out there has been an uproar of disapproval from various sectors and concerns of rights violations and discrimination against non virgins have been raised. People Opposing Women Abuse (Powa) has slammed the bursary programme.

Powa’s Palesa Mpapa said, “The fact that we align it to the right to education is not making sense. It’s also discriminating… the girls being lured into bursaries on the basis of virginity and what are we saying about boys?” South Africa's Department of Women said that it was going to “engage with” the municipality to ensure girls and boys have equal access to education.
“Obviously boys are not subjected to inhuman treatments like virginity testing in order for them to be given a particular bursary,” its spokeswoman, Charlotte Lobe, said.
“The best way for protecting girls against unwanted pregnancy, against HIV and AIDS is to give them education.”

Sources :


Tuesday, 26 January 2016

White lawyer beaten outside court by community members

A Mpumalanga advocate - Nico Du Plessis was beaten by angry community members and strangled with his tie for representing two accused men for kidnapping a three-year-old Lutricia Nkentjane on November 29 last year. Although the girl’s body has not yet been found, both men have been charged with her murder.

 The court appearance of Messrs Luis Sithole, Sfiso Mazibe, Themba Myambo and Jabulani Ndlovu was brief and resulted in a postponement to January 27, Lowvelder reported. Du Plessis came under brutal attack when he left the building in Tonga Magistrates Court on 21 January after having represented Myambo and Ndlovu. He was attacked by a large group of angry community members. The advocate was kicked until he fell down, and when he tried to get back onto his feet, a man grabbed him by the tie and dragged him back down.

 Police came to Du Plessis’ rescue and took him back into the courtroom.Du Plessis said he would consider opening a case of assault after the incident and that he felt unsafe. He added that he would appreciate not having to return to this court for this case. An informed source said the other accused were represented by attorneys from the Legal Aid Board of South Africa. Legal representatives at the local branch declined to comment on the matter.

No one was arrested on the scene for attacking the advocate even though the video clearly shows the police were present and arrived whilst the advocate was being attacked. This incident comes after a series of race related counter accusations in South Africa.

Source: SA Crime alert :

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Idols accused of double standards for not firing Somizi Mhlongo

Idols has been accused of applying double standards after Gareth Cliff has been fired by the popular talent show following his remarks on Penny Sparrow. It has been revealed that Somizi Mhlongo another Idols judge had posted controversial racist comments against white people after the #Zuma Must Fall march accusing them of wishing to install a white president. Gareth had posted a message saying Penny Sparrow was exercising her freedom of speech when she said Durban beaches are being frequented by monkeys on new years day.

This prompted many calls for Cliff to be fired as an Idols judge.  In the early hours of this morning, M-Net confirmed that Gareth would no longer be part of the panel, not elaborating on the reason, only thanking him for his contribution to the show.  At the time of publishing this article, Gareth had remained mum on social media.  His team has refused to comment on the matter.

According to Somizi this is what he had to say regarding white protesters on #ZumaMustFall:

Racist white South Africans hoping Zuma's fall will give them a white president or bring back apartheid is try denial of the  reality. It's like Oscar believing that he'll one day take part in the olympics. Never. it's like Donald Trump thinking he'll be the next American president. Never. It's like Mercy Pakela believing she'll on day of a duet with Adele. Never. So pls stop taking expired drugs and accept or leave our country. Just cuz you got away with apartheid doesn't mean we can't see you using this Zuma campaign as a shield to hide yo racist bullshit. Nxa."

It later emerged that the pictures were old ones being bandied about on social media as images from the protest. Mhlongo apologised, but public figures including Mark Pilgrim were not happy.
"So the SA Idols judge, Somizi Mhlongo thinks ALL White people want a white president. Dear Somizi. On behalf of the many white people that you so quickly paint with the same brush, we don't care what the colour of the president is. We just want one that is honest and has integrity. Fuck you very much."

  Source :  Timeslive

Top 5 biggest malls in Africa

5. Sandton City/Nelson Mandela Square - Johannesburg, South Africa

If you can imagine it, then you’ve pictured Sandton City, one of Africa’s leading, prestigious shopping centres. Sandton City offers an unparalleled shopping experience that combines the world’s most desirable brands with everyday leisure and entertainment.

At 128 000 square metres , close to 300 leading local and international retailers there is no doubt this is a place to note.  Situated in the prestigious Sandton Central Management District in Northern Johannesburg, Sandton City is conveniently located within walking distance of the Sandton Gautrain station and within easy access from highways and main roads within Sandton CBD. Together, Sandton City and the adjacent Nelson Mandela Square (2,500 square metres)  form one of the largest retail complexes in Africa. These centres are owned by Liberty Holdings Limited.

4. Canal Walk - Cape Town, South Africa

If you want to get a glimpse of the European lifestyle and weather. Breathtaking views and architecture then Cape Town is a place to visit where you can also find Canal Walk. 

Canal Walk is a shopping centre in Cape Town, South Africa that opened in 2000 and was built around a canal. It has a total retail area of 141,000-square-metre (1,520,000 sq ft). The centre forms the heart of a mixed-use development known as Century City which includes office blocks, residential areas and the Ratanga Junction theme park.

Canal Walk is the second largest shopping centre in South Africa to date. Built in what the developers call "Cape Venetian architecture", the shopping centre hosts over 400 stores, 7,000 parking bays, numerous restaurants, 20 cinemas plus a game arcade. Canal Walk is co-owned by Hyprop Investments Limited & Ellerine Bros (Pty) Ltd.

3. Morocco Mall - Casablanca, Morocco

Morocco Mall is the 3rd largest shopping center in Africa with 200 000m² of floor space in Casablanca, Morocco. The mall opened on 1 December 2011 designed by Davide Padoa of Design International, a global architecture boutique based in London. The mall has over 350 retail shops boasting local and international brands. The mall has an impressive 5000 parking spaces.

Morocco Mall features a massive 1 000 000 litre aquarium that contains over 40 different species of fish. Visitors can also go scuba diving with a professional instructor inside the aquarium. Although it has been reported that Morocco Mall's developers are hoping to attract visitors from the rest of Africa who stop off at Casablanca's international airport en route to Europe, statistics reveal that less than five percent of Morocco's tourists are from Africa, with more than twenty percent of the country's visitors coming from Europe. The mall is owned by Groupes Aksal, Nesk Investment et famille Akhnouch

2. Gateway Mall - Durban, South Africa

Gateway Theatre of Shopping or Gateway as it is affectionately known is a shopping centre  located on Umhlanga Ridge in Umhlanga, north of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa . Construction commenced on 3 March 1998 and the mall officially opened in September 2001. It also has almost all of South Africa's and many major international retail stores. Gateway sees more than two million visitors coming through its doors per month.

Gateway has an expansion advantage over other major malls in South Africa because it is situated on area that was formerly used as sugar cane fields that stretch over 100 kilometers up to Zululand near the Mozambique border. Gateway occupies an area of 220,000-square-metre and still expanding with over 400 retail shops and 12 000 packing spaces. The mall also features an exciting artificial sea wave on an open space which also hosts medium sized music festivals. The centre is owned by Old Mutual Properties.

 1.  City Stars Mall - Cairo, Egypt

There are two malls in Egypt to consider for the number one spot the other being Mall Of Arabia which did not seem to have much needed glitz and glamour to claim the number one spot despite claims that is the biggest mall in Africa at present.

City Stars Mall offers  650 stores all in one building over an area of 151,000 square metres, including diverse entertainment venues and spacious exhibition halls. The mall covers  4 floors of retail shops which is quiet impressive.

Citystars Heliopolis is the first project undertaken by Citystars Properties and it is considered to be one of the first integrated urban developments in the Middle East/Africa. The complex is extended over an area of 750,000 square metres in the heart of Cairo, with a total investment of over a billion dollars.



Thursday, 7 January 2016

Gareth Cliff accused of supporting Penny Sparrow

Popular former 5 FM DJ and Idols SA judge : Gareth Cliff has found himself in hot water after the remarks he made on twitter that prompted many to believe he is supporting statements by Penny Sparrow. Twitter users have since been vocal against Gareth Cliff and have called for the boycott of Idols SA.

According to eNCA, Cliff tweeted that people clearly do not understand free speech.
Cliff later apologised, explaining that one cannot stand up for racism.

Many twitter users were however not satisfied with his apology, and called for him to be boycotted.

DJ Fresh
 @GarethCliff vs. bro ... Easy to blur the lines if you were never really a victim of the one!!
La Loona 
 Gareth Cliff is trash. Say it with me.
Nande N : 
 What Gareth Cliff & the likes fail to apprehend with hate speech is that one's freedom to an opinion should  not infringe on the next person.

Gareth Cliff’s future could now be at risk as one of the TV faces representing the pay-TV broadcaster with the outspoken personality possibly being dropped from his position as one of the Idols judges. 
Now M-Net is rumoured to be reviewing Gareth Cliff’s ongoing participation with Idols is being reviewed. It means that Cliff could be dropped as a judge for the 12th season of Idols that will start filming soon with the nationwide audition process kicking off on 30 January in Pretoria at The Playhouse.