Thursday, 7 January 2016

Gareth Cliff accused of supporting Penny Sparrow

Popular former 5 FM DJ and Idols SA judge : Gareth Cliff has found himself in hot water after the remarks he made on twitter that prompted many to believe he is supporting statements by Penny Sparrow. Twitter users have since been vocal against Gareth Cliff and have called for the boycott of Idols SA.

According to eNCA, Cliff tweeted that people clearly do not understand free speech.
Cliff later apologised, explaining that one cannot stand up for racism.

Many twitter users were however not satisfied with his apology, and called for him to be boycotted.

DJ Fresh
 @GarethCliff vs. bro ... Easy to blur the lines if you were never really a victim of the one!!
La Loona 
 Gareth Cliff is trash. Say it with me.
Nande N : 
 What Gareth Cliff & the likes fail to apprehend with hate speech is that one's freedom to an opinion should  not infringe on the next person.

Gareth Cliff’s future could now be at risk as one of the TV faces representing the pay-TV broadcaster with the outspoken personality possibly being dropped from his position as one of the Idols judges. 
Now M-Net is rumoured to be reviewing Gareth Cliff’s ongoing participation with Idols is being reviewed. It means that Cliff could be dropped as a judge for the 12th season of Idols that will start filming soon with the nationwide audition process kicking off on 30 January in Pretoria at The Playhouse.

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