Friday, 5 February 2016

Zuma lied about Nhlanhla Nene's Brics bank appointed

When President Jacob Zuma fired Nhlanhla Nene as finance minister in December; he claimed he was acting with great haste because he needed "an experienced person" at the Brics bank where Nene would head the Africa Regional Centre.

“We are fully backing his [Nene’s] candidature, knowing full well that he will excel and make the nation proud in his next assignment,” the statement read. The president reiterated that same position last month when he appeared to present the move as a fait accomplish. “We took a decision that he [Nene] heads the Brics bank as it needs an experienced person,” Zuma told local TV channel eNews in early January.
However, in a brief conversation with the Financial Mail this week, Nene said he was still in the dark about the job and had not had any communication with either Shanghai or Pretoria.

“I still have not received a formal offer,” he said.


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